Wednesday 23rd March

Mummy and Daddy packed me up in the car today with Harriet and started driving towards Harrogate…..I was not best pleased I can tell you.. ..if they take me to that awful bloody hospital again……oh wait…this isnt the hospital…..its the registry office….what a relief!

So I am now officially Leon Aaron McCarthy, born 11th March 2011 in Harrogate and owned by my mummy and daddy….at least i think thats what it all meant.

We also went shopping for a little while…mummy bought me a knitted romper…very cute and not too babyish which is good, and they also bought a pink potty and peppa pig knickers for my big sister Harriet…. apparently she is to do her wees and poos on the pink potty thing out in the open…how weird is that?

When we got home mummy made daddy give me 90mls of formula milk…uh oh…not mummy’s best idea….90mls looks an awful lot when it is being hurtled across the lounge at great speed. This projectile vomiting thing is quite cool, she might eventually get the message that I dont want the damn formula, although I know that she is only trying to help me gain a little weight.