Saturday 26th March

Had a feed at 1.30am then slept till 8am. I think my Mummy got a bit of a shock….. I awoke to her prodding my chest and shouting my name. Another one of those times where if I knew how to smile or laugh I would pick that moment ;)

Had lovely cuddles with daddy in bed and my first feed of the day whilst mummy went downstairs to see what the other terrors were up to (her words not mine).

Watched the coverage of the Grand Prix qualifying…Mummy seemed quite pleased at some one called Jenson’s results. She called him ‘her boy’ I thought that was me????

Midwife finally arrived at 2pm…good job we hadn’t made plans for today…to weigh me. Lovely student midwife undressed me and weighed me and I had gained five ounces, my Mummy punched the air and was very smiley. She told the midwife that she had put me on formula and the midwife seemed really surprised. My Mummy also told her that she had arranged to have her bloods checked on Monday, that she felt very

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  1. Suzie says:

    That’s great news that Leon has put on a good amount. Hopefully a little less worrying for you now hun.

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