Monday 28th March

Mummy had to go for her bloods taking today. When she came home she told Daddy that the nurse had struggled as her veins had ‘shut down’, I’m not really sure what that means but daddy seemed convinced that he was right about mummy being unwell and


  1. Amanda Overton says:

    Big hugs Sam, Was thinking about you when saw little Gino on OBEM last night…

  2. Gillian C (mrscoops) says:

    that just made me cry too Sam! :(

    huge hugs to you & Leon – am glad he seems to be feeling better & is gaining weight! have plenty of Mummy cuddles with him & I hope you’re feeling ‘better’ soon…you’ve been through a lot these past few weeks, don’t know how you do it! you’re a Super Mum… xxxxxxx

  3. jodie cartwright says:

    big hugs to you. thinking of you also when i saw obem

  4. Suzie says:

    Aww Sam, that really made me cry. Hope you’re doing ok an managing with things as well as you can just now.
    Remember to take care of yourself as well as everyone else!!!


  5. Row says:

    Hugs to you both xxx

  6. jeni says:

    Awww,sobbing here!

    **massive hugs**


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