Wednesday 30th March

the expressing continues today….. ……mummy managed to get another 25mls today and can feel the ‘let down’ reflex starting again so thats a good sign.

Had two visitors today, Shell…who brought mummy some flowers and me a pair of Tigger pyjamas with feet in…so cute. She also brought easter eggs for all the other children as a treat.

Then this afternoon Kelly came to have a gossip with mummy and cuddles with me of course…..she couldn’t believe how tiny I am. She was very naughty (she had already contributed to our lovely gifts from the girls) and brought me the coolest pair of tiny baseball boots ever. My Mummy was impressed.

Lots of lovely cuddles with Mummy too today, we dozed off on the sofa just before the school run…mummy seems really tired at the moment and doesn’t really appear to be improving health wise where as I am going from strength to strength.

Aunty Nicki came too….spoilt for visitors today :D …she said that I looked like I was ‘filling my outfit properly’ whatever that means. We will find out tomorrow when the midwives come to weigh me again.

Watch this space…….