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Friday 18th March

Not how I imagined my 1 week’versary to be…but off we went again to the hospital……this is getting a bit boring now…and I let my mummy know that I wasnt impressed when we arrived in the hot sweaty ward…..


Thursday 17th March

At 9am, my mummy turned off the lights and took me out of the billi bed…i had done my 20 hour sentence and was very relieved…mummy was too as her eyes were hurting and she had a constant headache from the lights. Imagine going under a sunbed for 58 hours without eye protection…well that is …

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Wednesday 16th March

When we got up today mummy looked worried, and I noticed she had packed two bags again…. I think I knew what this meant and I was starting to feel tired again.


Tuesday 15th March

I came off the lights at 4am today and was able to have lots of lovely cuddles with mummy, this makes her smile and it is much nicer than hearing her cry. I havent had to have the sharp things either for a few hours which I am pleased about as my feet are really …

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Monday 14th March

Good news…..well kind of…my blood sugars are on the increase..not as much as they would like but they are climbing a little. Even though mummy is expressing like mad, her ‘good’ milk hasn’t come in yet so the doctors think I should have formula in my little cup thing after every breast feed too.


Sunday 13th March

After a very restless night and more forced cup feeds and yet more sharp things, my mummy was told that I was very poorly because I have a very special type of blood (A neg…where as my mummy is O pos) and that her antibodies had been attacking my blood,


Saturday 12th March

Still feeling very sleepy, there are lots of people in this house but I cant even open my eyes to look at them. Still dont want to feed although mummy keeps trying to force me…its just too much like hard work.


Welcome to the world

I arrived in this world one hour and 29 minutes after my mummy got her first ‘real’ contraction……

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