Tuesday 12th April

operation mummy milk commences…….. fenugreek was started this morning (my mummy stinks ;) ) and milk thistle was purchased… I had three breast feeds today, each before my formula and each lasted a little longer than the one before…..my feed last night came out so fast I thought I was going to choke…so i pulled off and stretched my Mummy’s nipple just to let her know (ouch!)

My Mummy and I watched a programme tonight called ‘Is Breast Best?’ about the debate between breast milk and formula milk…it was okay, a little disappointing to see only the camps for and against breast feeding…and not anyone who had to give up medically or is struggling to do both. But it didn’t make my mummy cry, which is a bloody miracle at the minute! :D

My Grandad is a bit brighter today too…he sat in a chair for 5 minutes, he couldn’t stay there too long as his tummy was hurting but 5 minutes is an improvement right?

Mummy is planning to go and visit Grandad again in a couple of weeks, if he is at home she says she might take me with her so he can meet me, but if he is still in hospital she says it is best if I stay with Daddy…although that will throw the expressing/feeding routine up in the air if she is away for 2 days. I don’t really think she knows what to do for the best!

There is talk of my Mummy and Daddy putting me upstairs earlier at night time…..apparently I slept for 7 hours from 2am till 9am last night…the plan (I think) is to feed me at 10/11pm then put me down so that I become Mummy’s human alarm clock when the children go back to school. I’m sure they think this is going to be easy….but we will see…how dare they presume that I am going to sleep through ?? hahahahahahahahahahahaha…..you would think that by Baby number 7 (that’s me!) they would learn not to assume anything! ;)




  1. Kylie Hodges says:

    Hello there little bloke, hope you are enjoying your curry milk! No pulling or biting young man!

    Tell mummy that nettle tea is meant to be good too, I forgot about that one til I found some in my cupboard. It’s pretty horrible though. Yuck.

  2. Row says:

    Well done on the long sleep little man xx
    Hope Operation Mummy Milk will be a success!!

  3. ERICA WILSON says:

    I think that there is far too much pressure on mums to breast feed. I think the most important thing of all is that both mum and baby are happy. Whether that be breast feeding or bottle feeding, or both!! I couldnt breast feed for more than two weeks with both of my boys. Not because I didnt want too, but because by boobies didnt work! But thats life. :-) We were both happy and I am sure that both you guys are too. xxx <3

    1. Maria says:

      Thank you for the information. I had a horribly difficult time breastfeeding my daughter-born 3.5 weeks early. I tried and tried for about 2 months until our pediatrician finally recommended formula due to her inability to gain weight. I had lots of trepidation around having a newborn but the one thing I was never really warned about was breastfeeding. I just assumed it would come naturally and that it would be problem free. I even took a breastfeeding class in advance of her birth-the teacher spent the majority of class explaining the benefits of breast milk and never mentioned the potential difficulties. Because I wasn’t expecting it, it made the difficulty that much harder. I did not invision hours of trying to get her to stay awake long enough to feed and a variety of infections. It’s amazing how much guilt is associated with not breastfeeding. I wanted to be able to provide this nutrition for her but we had physical limitations. I can’t imagine being back to work full time and balancing pumping on top of it all. I admire anyone that is able to sustain that balance. Thankfully, my daughter is healthy and now in the 50% for weight! Thanks for talking about such an emotional topic.

  4. Emma says:

    Evelyn loves her fenugreek milk, so she hopes you do too (she’s not as clever at typing as you are!).

    We hope your grandaddy is feeling better soon xxx

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