Wednesday 20th April

I finally fell asleep for my Mummy at 3.30am………then woke her up again at 6am ;) I do feel a little bad about this now though as the dark circles under my Mummy’s eyes are hugely noticeable now…. you see with six other children to look after AND a business to run she doesn’t really get much chance of a rest during the day.

Once the other children had gone to school mummy and I had snuggly dressing gown cuddles and a skin to skin breast feed on the sofa. I still have my formula as well, but I am only having 120mls each feed and my Mummy hasn’t increased it. I feel that I should make the effort with my Mummy milk, seeing as she is going to such a huge effort to produce it for me, so my morning feed lasted a good 30 minutes :)

We had a bit of a lazy day today, Harriet played in the garden on her wheely bug and her slide, but I stayed in the house as the sun was too hot for me, we both had really long naps this afternoon…Harriet slept for almost two hours which is almost unheard of these days. The heat must have gotten to her.

Still smiling today, just a few little ones, and mostly for Daddy today, he has been a bit busy this week and I haven’t really spent much time with him, so when we were have a cuddle this evening, I treated him. Still saving my big smile for mummy though ;)