Monday 25th April (Easter Monday)

Mollie and Thomas were collected by their Dad this morning, and we got ready for our walk. Daddy, Uncle Lee, Eleanor and lilly were on their bikes; Amelia and Toby were on the scooters; Harriet and Isabel were in pushchairs and I was in my big pram. Mummy, Nanna and Aunty Nicki were walking (obviously). We set off down the lines (the old railway lines that run through our village) at 11.30am…..all equipped with sun cream, hats and sun parasols.

My Mummy even dug out some summer clothes……she said she was still ‘stuck in winter mode’ so got a pair of denim shorts and a vest to wear. Her feeding bra was really visible under the vest so she ‘attempted’ to wear a normal bra… Daddy was in his element as throughout the day (because Mummy didnt feed me herself while we were out) her boobs got fuller and fuller and by the time we got home, her ‘normal’ bra didnt fit her! She got plenty of attention though and Daddy kept cycling back to where we were. He said he was making sure we were alright, but Im sure he was just wanting to have an ogle at mummy ;)

We took a steady walk and arrived at The Boat (mucky pub as Lilly calls it) at about 2pm. We all had a lovely lunch (well, they all did….I slept while they ate, and then had my milk), the children played in the playground, and took part in the easter games, and my Mummy and Aunty Nicki were laughing at all the silly men with their shirts off burning in the sun.

We set off back at about 4pm and took a slightly different route back through the bluebell woods, we got home at about 6pm, everyone was happy but very tired as it had been a long day, and my Mummy had caught the sun more than she thought too.

At 6.15pm my mummy went into panic mode as we were almost out of formula, the local shop was closed and we don’t have a large enough supply of mummy milk (I have been drinking it as we express it ;) ) so off she raced to Sainsburys which was thankfully open till 7pm to get some.

I think the fresh air may have knocked me ‘off kilter’ today as I slept from 6pm till 1am, then wanted feeding!!! I think my Mummy may be in for a very early start tomorrow as my body clock is all wrong now, but I have had a lovely day and so has my Mummy so I don’t think she will mind.

My Nanna went to bed quite early as she is driving home tomorrow and it is quite a long way, it has been nice having her here, I will miss all the extra cuddles when she has gone :(