Thursday 28th April

Up again at 7am, disappointed to be given a bottle this morning but I suppose my mummy was busy getting everyone ready for school. The smaller children (Eleanor, Toby and Amelia) are having a royal wedding day at school, and Eleanor (aged 8) is playing the part of Catherine Middleton. My mummy altered a wedding dress to fit her and she looked like a real princess :D Toby and Amelia had to wear red, white and blue clothes for their street party.

Thomas was in tears this morning with his neck and elbow so Off he and Mummy went to the doctors to have him checked over. It turns out that he has whiplash and some ligament damage to his neck and his arm, and the GP said he will feel increasingly stiff and more sore as the next few days pass. He has to take some medicine three times a day to help keep any swelling to a minimum, and is feeling very cuddly and not wanting to leave Mummy today :(

We are not used to seeing Thomas like this….he rarely shows his feelings and doesnt usually feel pain in the same way everyone else does, so for him to complain, it must be REALLY painful.

He wanted to hold me this afternoon so I spent over an hour being cuddled by him and even gave him a few smiles to cheer him up. It seemed to make him happy, which pleased me, I don’t like to see him sad :(

Mummy and I went for a nice walk to school this afternoon and everybody wanted to hold me and was telling my Mummy how much I had grown. They seemed shocked that I was nearly 7 weeks old, but I suppose I didn’t really see anybody for the first couple of weeks of my life what with being in and out of hospital.

No breastfeeding today :( mummy did get the ‘super pump’ out though, she managed to express only 30mls but said she isn’t giving up yet!!! ;)