Wednesday 27th April

i woke up at 5.30 am today and was pleased to be given a breast feed…my Mummy is trying to up the feeds as much as possible before she gets the monster pump out as I dont seem to be feeding for long periods, even though the fenugreek/milk thistle dose has been increased. My Mummy is worried that her supply is giving up before she is ready to :( I of course, am happy to oblige and have mummy milk whenever it is on offer.

Thomas woke early too, he feels scared of policemen and of the road and was quite upset, my Mummy says he must have had a bad dream. he also said that his elbow was very painful today, and my Mummy found lots of ‘new’ bruises when she checked him over. I think my big brother is very brave.

Once the other children had gone to school, Mummy, Thomas Harriet, daddy and I went to the garden centre ….my Nanna had given some money to mummy and daddy for easter, and they were buying plants for the hanging baskets with it. We had a lovely afternoon out in the garden watching mummy and daddy doing all the planting, and Aunty Nicki skived off work early to come and sit with us.

Our evening was a little more stressful, Thomas developed a nasty pain in his neck and a headache, and Mollie was up with toothache so it was very late by the time Mummy and I got bed (3.30am).