Friday 20th May

My fluffy post arrived today :D , My Mummy was so giddy anybody would think she was going to be wearing them…. :roll: although I think it is just something else for her to ‘shop’ for, a bit like her shoe collection…… I imagine I will need a whole chest of drawers soon for my cloth collection. Still it is keeping her happy, so who am I to complain ;)

I had my first attempt at wearing my ‘Fluff’ this afternoon. Mummy was fairly sensible in that she waited till after i had done my daily ‘poonami’ before putting me in one, I think she is breaking herself in gently :lol: Daddy cut up some extra fleece ‘liners’ for easier poop cleaning (somebody who knows their stuff had advised Mummy of this) . I got through three in the space of about 5 hours….think my Mummy needs to shop for some more ;) still they did look fab on the washing line :D

Daddy and I were ‘limited’ to the dining room tonight, lots of Mummy’s friends were here and they were all drinking and cackling in the lounge..heaven knows what they were up to, but Im glad I was with my Daddy :roll: they were here till really late and by the time they had all gone home, I was in bed so Mummy had to do the dream feed and cuddles whilst I was really in ‘dreamland’.

Oh I almost forgot, i ‘found my thumb’ today…..well thats what Mummy says.. I only know that there is a sticky out thing on my hand that tastes really good and is very comforting. It is a bit of a faff to actually get it into your mouth but once it is there it is so worth it. Much better than those ridiculous dummy things, you have to suck those really hard and then you end up with a stupid ring round your mouth :lol:

Mummy changed me into a disposable in the early hours….my cloth is very comfy but I wasn’t all that impressed to wake up after my dreamfeed feeling very very damp. :( Think my mummy will have to look for a different type of bumfluff for night time…….but if anyone reading this has any ideas feel free to comment and let my Mummy know as she is completely ‘clueless’ when it comes to cloth nappies.