Friday 27th May

okay okay okay ……so Im not actually ignoring Mummy, but I still stand by my comment that she is evil :(

Harriet seems okay today, she has a bit of a tummy upset but other than that is fine. I however, am not myself at all. I feel very tired and sleepy, cant really raise the energy to smile or coo at anyone :( My giggle practise has gone right out of the window and I just want to sleep.

Mummy keeps checking my temperature, and it has been a little bit high so she gave me some sticky pink stuff which tasted really sweet. I could only have it twice though so I just had to put up with feeling a bit rough for most of today.

My ‘rest day’ has not exactly been aided by the small children being off school due to a training day, they just won’t leave me alone. Seriously, I am beginning to think that I am just one of their toys and that they will soon get bored with me and I will be relegated to the toy box like all the others. :roll: