Saturday 4th June

Up at the crack of dawn again today…….I lay in my crib for a little while listening to the birds tweeting outside, I think my mummy was laid just listening to me…… I did try to go back to sleep but my tummy was hurting so much, and my cry is a little hoarse too, my Mummy lifted me up and put me into bed with her, I had a sneaky little breast feed and tried to doze back off to sleep.

I was aware of my mummy getting up and it felt cold when she moved so I yelled at her. She gave me my dummy and disappeared…..how charming is that? I cried a little but she soon came back with a bottle for me. After I had my formula she laid me down with Daddy and put pillows all around us.

I eventually woke up at just after 9am, it was the sound of the other children playing in the back garden that disturbed me. They were being quite loud and I heard mummy telling them to shush!

Daddy slept really late today….you know i have said before that he isn’t a morning person….well Saturday is the day that Mummy lets him have a lie in….but today she got busy doing other stuff and forgot about him…..he eventually drifted downstairs at 12.40…. :lol: I have no idea how he manages to sleep through the noise in this house….my Mummy says there could be a miniature holocaust in the bedroom and he still wouldn’t wake up ;)

Mummy ordered some new bum fluff today…..there were some that she couldn’t get during real nappy week that she really liked because they were out of stock, but they are back in the shop now so she bought them. I think it is becoming a bit of an obsession :roll: but she is really pleased with herself and the transition from disposable to re usable has been so easy, that I really don’t mind. Also now that the weather is quite warm, I