Sunday 5th June

Dear Leon,

Im sorry for gatecrashing your blog like this…….but I wanted to say a few things to you, and if I tell you, then you won’t remember them, but if I gatecrash your blog….at least it will still be here in years to come. ;)

You are sleeping at the moment, I was just watching you. You are the most incredible little being I have known. You have such big hands for such a little boy, and I love the way your cheeks are all wobbly when you are trying to lift your head up all by yourself.

Whilst I was pregnant with you, I convinced myself that I didn’t want another little boy, both of my boys had been ill you see, Thomas with his autism and Toby with his bowel problems, where as all of your sisters are as strong as an ox! I was right of course……you are (obviously) a boy, and you were incredibly poorly when you were born :( but…..I wanted to let you know that I am so happy that you came into mine and Daddy’s lives. I feel truly blessed to have you, my gorgeous little lamb, and all your brothers and sisters of course ;)

There are lots of things going on at the moment that you couldn’t possibly understand, what with you being so little…..but I have realised just lately that a smile from you can make everything feel better :D

I didn’t go to bed last night (I know I know I’m mental :roll: ) but I wanted to clean the house so that today I can spend lots of quality time with you and Harriet.


  1. Natasha brett says:

    Leon, your mummy made me cry with this post. Please keep making your Mummy smile as she is a very special mummy xx

  2. Sue Ford says:

    This made me cry too!! but in a nice way.
    Cuddles are always good, I know because I had Grandma cuddles yesterday x

  3. Suzie says:

    Aww Sam, what a gorgeous letter – I’m sitting in tears reading it.

    Leon had an amazing Mummy (and Daddy of course) :-)

    S x

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