Monday 6th June

Mummy received an email today about the MAD blog awards. There are only 11 days left to get the votes in, and they are going to showcase the finalists as many ways as they can. The first thing they have asked for is a photo of the blogger (with their family or alone) which is easy peasy :D Daddy is a photographer…shouldn’t be too difficult to choose one picture from the millions he has already taken of me :lol:

The second thing is a video clip of the blogger with a brief description of blog and why we should win….thing is, I can’t talk yet and Mummy HATES being filmed :roll: so we will have to come up with some amazingly talented offering that involves neither me speaking or Mummy featuring at all :lol:

I have to say that the competition is hotting up now that we are so far into the voting. I feel a little bit ‘left behind’ ;( everyone is tweeting constantly and pushing for votes, appearing in newspapers (our local press aren’t interested in a baby blogger it would seem :( ) and generally posting about the Mads everywhere…….I ask people on mummy’s facebook to vote for me and feel guilty that I am turning it into a ‘Who has the most friends’ competition rather than a ‘best blog’ competition.

So it would seem that i am in a bit of a