Thursday 9th June

My apologies for not updating yesterday, I was feeling quite rough and my mummy was not in a great place either :( It is very busy in our house at the moment, lots of things going on and not all of them are great. It would be lovely if my Mummy could get some good news for a change :(

Mummy went off to her catalogue launch today, her costume (supposedly a ‘Jane’ style chamois leather dress) was an epic fail :lol: so instead she went as a contestant from ‘Im a celebrity’ she had spiders sewn on her clothes! Very odd! She came home having had an ‘epiphany’ and wants to go back into management. Daddy said “whatever you want dear” :roll:

Daddy did his first cloth nappy wash today :lol: he didn’t do a bad job in all honesty, although he did have to wash them twice having opted for a steam cycle on the machine rather than a cotton cycle. But Mummy came home to lots of clean bum fluff on the line so she was quite happy.

I think I might drop my dream feed………. I have managed without it on a couple of occasions now and still managed to sleep through till 7ish the next morning, so I think my Mummy is going to try to wean me off that one in the next week or so.

daddy took some new photos of me today too…..well the studio was already set up so why not? ;)

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  1. SSS says:

    guys that pic is hillarious!

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