Tuesday 14th June

Today has sort of passed by in a blur …..you see my Mummy is poorly :( She is rarely poorly so its quite odd that she has taken to the sofa. She hurts everywhere and can hardly lift her head, it is very strange.

I think Daddy would have preferred it if she had gone to bed, but she is too stubborn for that :roll: but she did ‘rest’ though….in fact…apart from answering a few posts on the forum, she did nothing else all day which makes a change, AND she slept all evening from about 9pm onwards.

Daddy and Toby went to pick up Toby’s new glasses and came home with just one pair with the wrong lenses in them :( Thanks vision express for ringing us and telling us they were ready when they clearly were not! :roll:

The Health visitor came to see me this morning, she didn’t bring the scales though so we have no idea how big I am now. Mummy says she will walk to the clinic with me next week to get me weighed. She (the HV) did do a double take though when she came in…. i suppose it was a bit of a shock seeing me look so chunky, especially as she saw me when I was a weak sickly little baby. :lol: I have changed a lot ;)