Sunday 26th June

Today is my Daddy’s birthday….. Mummy was taking the mickey saying he was getting old (37) and Daddy laughed and said “not as old as you” (38) He thinks he is Mummy’s toyboy :roll:

He got up at 5.30am to ‘buff and polish’ his bike, then went off for a bike ride and breakfast at Squire motorbike cafe. He returned around 8am when we all got up and gave him presents.

We got him a popcorn maker (healthy fat free snacks) some popping corn (not much point in having the popcorn maker without it :lol: ) a hair trimmer (Mummy broke his current one this week) and a couple of DVDs. Mummy also got him some ‘stress boobs’ to play with and a bright orange tankini :lol: (After watching Gnomeo and Juliet Mummy wants a gnome……Daddy said she can only have one if it is wearing a bright orange tankini…….so Mummy said Daddy can wear it with a silly hat and sit out in the garden :lol: )

Daddy went off again at about 11ish back to squires for a fund raising day run by Bennetts (a motorcycle insurance company) and then came back to watch the F1 race before going out again to another open day at ‘Get Geared’ a new shop in Leeds. Mummy barely saw him all day :(

We made him a Mr Tickle birthday cake (well obviously I didn’t) and some cupcakes with flowers on (the girls wanted to do those :roll: ) and Mummy made dinner of chicken in red wine and vegetables (which was a bit of a disaster by all counts) but Daddy seemed to enjoy it.

As busy as it was in our house……I slept for most of the day……it was far too hot for me… so I laid in just a nappy in my carrycot with the fan on. Bliss!

We had another ‘funny leg’ incident today though, Mummy is upset that it may be the bumfluff we are using (I do have very chunky thighs) …this will cause a problem though as she has spent a fortune on them and does not really want to put me back in disposables whilst we build up a new collection :roll: . She is also considering that it may be a circulation problem (I do have a hydrocele, although I am unsure if that would cause any circulation problems) maybe a trip to the docs is in order :(