Thursday 30th June

Mummy got a little bit of a lie in this morning……..I awoke early but realised that nobody else was up and the alarm wasn’t blaring so obliged Mummy by laying gurgling in my crib for a good half an hour :)

The reason for the lie in? Some of the public sector are on strike today, and a lot of teachers have been affected by it. We were lucky, our primary school closed one class from each year, keeping the other one open…and amazingly all three of the children’s classes were of the ones which remained open. The secondary school was closed though, which meant mummy could get up at 7.15am rather than 6am :D It must have felt like a weekend to her :lol:

Mummy went to the dentist this morning, she is halfway through her treatment now, and is feeling a lot more positive about going to the dentist which is good. One more filling and then she may be able to feel that she can smile again (she hates her teeth and with each pregnancy they have sustained lots of damage) which will be nice.

We had another ‘leg’ incident today :( only this time it was my hand too…… mummy is going to book a doctors appointment for me as she is concerned that it may be a circulation problem :( it simply cannot be the cloth nappies as I don’t wear them on my arm :roll: I don’t like it when it happens, it makes me cry :cry:

Mummy saw her friend’s new baby at school today, she was tiny, she weighs 9lb which sounds like a lot but Mummy said that I am a huge chunky monkey compared to her. :lol: