Sunday 10th July

For the first time ever, I am writing about the whole weekend in one blog post. We had Claire here babysitting over the weekend and bless her…she doesn’t know how to gain access to my blog. :lol:

Saturday began like most Saturdays…Daddy having a lie in, Mollie and Thomas going off with their Dad, watching the qualifying etc etc, but then Claire arrived with Zak….I should have known at that point really. :roll:

At 3pm, mummy put her bike leathers on and she and Daddy went out! They left me! :( So while they were off on their adventure all over the North Yorkshire Moors, I was at home with Claire (who is lovely but don’t make her laugh ;) ) and Zak the bonkers dog who kept laying really close to me and staring into my face. I did attempt to roll over a couple of times and grab him, but he just kept drawing back so he was just out of reach. :lol: I guess dogs are not stupid.

The children had a water fight with the hosepipe in the garden,