Wednesday 13th July

I have introduced you to Mollie before, but today I will share with you the day of her arrival. You see, she is 14 years old today (bet my Mummy feels old ;) )

So, we are going back in time 14 years………

At 4.45am my mummy woke up needing to go the toilet, she went and got back into bed. She needed to go again, and this time she had a show.

Back into bed for the second time, and my mummy just could not get comfortable. She decided to get up at 5.15am after trying to lay/sit/kneel in every position possible.

On going downstairs she realised she was having little ‘twinges’ but wasn’t overly concerned (she had been in early labour with Mollie nine weeks earlier and these twinges were nothing compared to the labour they had managed to stop and control) so she did the ironing.

She tells me that she laid her watch at the end of the ironing board and was kind of timing the contractions…..when she realised that they were actually only four minutes apart, she made Mollie’s dad a cup of tea and went to get in the bath.

Now this is where the story gets a bit silly…….it’s my Mummy’s first baby, she is having contractions every four minutes, her husband (at the time) is still asleep in bed, and my Mummy….what is she doing?? She is shaving her legs/underarms/bikini line :roll:

At 8am, whilst Mummy was drying her hair, Mollie’s dad shouted through to her “Are you getting contractions?” to which Mummy replied “yes”….. he then asked “how far apart are they?” to which my Mummy replied “Oh….maybe about three minutes” …. Mollies Dad jumped out of bed, nearly had a panic attack and proceeded to run round like a headless chicken :lol: whilst Mummy calmly finished drying her hair :roll:

They arrived at the hospital at about 8.45am to be told that Mummy was already 7cm dilated and that baby would be arriving very soon.

Mummy’s waters broke at 9.30am, and all hell broke loose. Mollies heart rate dropped drastically and was showing no sign of picking back up, so the doctors were called. A doctor performed an epesiotomy (they cut you near your bum YUCK!! ) and the forceps (salad servers) were prepared.

I think Mollie must be a bit like me, because at that moment her heart rate returned to normal, and I’m sure she had a little giggle at the doctor’s expense :lol:

The doctors decided to continue anyway, and at 10.37am on Sunday 13th july 1997 my big sister Mollie Patricia Marston arrived in our world.

My Mummy’s first labour was recorded as five hours and 22 minutes from her first contraction and it was pretty ‘text book’ for a first baby.

Mummy and Mollie went home after three days (those were the old days you see, where you had to stay in hospital for ages :roll: ) and my Mummy began her life with a little person in tow :D

I’m guessing she must have liked it since she went on to have seven of us ;)