Saturday 16th July

Why didn’t somebody mention that if you are in a carrycot then rolling over is no good as there is nowhere to go….believe me…..I know, I have tried several times this morning to get somewhere and guess what……I end up with my face squished into the hood end and my body contorted into the most ridiculous twisted position ever :lol:

So Mummy puts me on the floor on my play mat….and I try again..This time I end up playing kissy face with the radiator pipes and the skirting board :roll: I thought this whole getting mobile malarkey was supposed to be fun for us and a pain in the proverbial for our mummies??? It is staring to look like it is very much the other way round. I spend all day feeling quite frustrated really and my Mummy seems to find it fairly amusing.

Granted she does ‘rescue’ me when I get into these predicaments, but she does have a little giggle too ;)

Mummy took Eleanor, Toby and Amelia to one of our friend’s birthday parties this afternoon. Mummy had spent most of yesterday making loads of ice cream cornet cupcakes for the party, and nobody here was allowed one you know :roll: I hope she brings one home from the party for everyone. Granted she