Wednesday 3rd August

A letter to Leon

Dear Leon,

Yes I have gatecrashed your blog again :roll:

I had a moment this


  1. Kylie Hodges (@kykaree) says:

    Don’t you ever say “only” 8 days again. ;)

    I remember being in hospital and everyone apologising to me, as we were the longest there by a long shot. But every day feels like an eternity, so how long you are there is irrelevant. You are robbed of that normal experience and your baby, and indeed your life, is not your own whilst you are in that place.

    I’m glad Leon has taught you all this, and I am sure your clever little man has a few more lessons up his little sleeve.

    I have learnt so much from having little Joseph in my life, and I learn more everyday.

  2. Aunty Sue says:

    Have just read this blog today & yes youve made me cry again……………..I too feel exactly the same about my children & grandchildren, but no one puts into words as well as Leons Mummy x

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