Wednesday 10th August

Dear Leon,

Its Mummy. Obviously. I don’t know whether Daddy will take you near a pc while you are away, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss you dreadfully.

This morning I packed you into the car with Daddy, Amelia and Harriet and kissed you all goodbye, then I went off to my meeting. You were going on a journey to your Nannas house to spend some time with Nanna and Toby and Eleanor who are already there. Its quite a long drive so I hope you were a good boy for Daddy and that you stopped plenty of times to let you have a stretch out.

When I got home from my meeting, the house was so quiet, I thought I would welcome the rest but here I am at almost 3am, writing to you inbetween cleaning the house.

I can’t sleep, the rain is hammering on the windows and the wind is howling, its a perfect night to snuggle up next to your Daddy and have cuddles with you. Instead, I am here all alone, wondering what to do with myself in my ‘wide awake’ state. :roll:

I think you are going out for the day tomorrow to a safari park. I wish I was there with you. It will be both your AND Harriet’s first time in a safari park, and I feel like I am missing out on all the fun.