Tuesday 30th August

Well I am officially growing up, it would seem.

Today I have attempted, and managed (for a little while anyway) to sit unsupported…..that means alone, without leaning against Daddy’s legs or the sofa back :D

So proud of myself…… of course I shall neglect to tell you that when I did reach forwards to try to grab something I fell flat on my face, but its all part of the learning process right?? :lol:

Mummy dropped into the conversation today that I will be six months old in just 13 days …. unbelievable! Doesn’t it seem like just two minutes since I arrived?

Anyway the crux of the matter is, that when I am six months old on the 11th September, I will start weaning ……. I’m not overly enthralled about the whole thing, but we will give it a go.

Still trying to find sponsors for the MADS awards ceremony on the 30th September. Mummy currently needs a train ticket, a hotel room and an outfit :( Its looking to be an expensive do :( She missed out on the discounted hotel rooms as she is still waiting payment of invoices (why don’t people realise that 30 days means 30 days, not 30 days and then they might think about considering to pay up grrrr!) So if anyone id interested in sponsoring Mummy to go to the awards on my behalf in return for advertising space here and on Bump n Babe then use the contact form :D :D Go on….you know you want to ;)