Friday 30th September

Dear Mummy,

I am writing a letter to you today to let you know how much I will miss you while you are in London :cry:

I’m sure everyone else will miss you too, but not nearly as much as me.

You are setting off in just a few hours to drive to London for the MADS awards ceremony. Daddy tells me that you have done the drive before and will be fine, but it doesn’t stop me worrying, it seems an awful long way.

I hope you have a lovely time with Natasha, I know you are looking forward to staying with her as much, if not more than the actual awards themselves, and don’t forget to give cheeky Jonah a great big hug from all of us.

Please don’t worry about your dress……I know you are not really a ‘dress’ person but it does look fabulous and you look lovely in it (I think you would look lovely in anything anyway, so does Daddy) and you really did choose well from your clothing sponsor Marks and Spencers

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  1. Clare MacKintosh says:

    Awwww Leon Mummy will be fine. We are all thinking of her and hope she has a wonderful time. You are right, you have just as much chance as anyone xx

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