Sunday 2nd October

Hi, its Leon’s Mummy here…I thought I would sneak on whilst he is sleeping ;)

As most of you will know I went to the MADS awards ceremony on Friday night….and I thought you might like to know how I got on.

To be honest the whole weekend started going wrong from the word go. :(

I packed the car on Friday at 11.45am, waved my goodbyes and set off. I stopped at Tesco to get flowers for the lovely Natasha (who was putting me up for the night) and to fill the car with petrol.


  1. Kylie @kykaree says:

    Well it was quite the adventure. Even I know TCR is closed on Northern Line til November and I’m an Aussie Mancunian!

    It wasn’t on that they didn’t include your photo or words, and I do apologise you felt on the outer, I am used to being the dag!

    But lets have our own next year! Northerner’s need only apply!

  2. Donna says:

    Aww Sam, sounds like you had abit of a wild goose chase, after visiting London on numerous occassions I wouldn’t have dared send a lone female near TCR at any time of day to be honest it’s the one place I’ve always felt abit scared.
    Chris hates the tube late at night too I stick on my tube face and try not to think about it. Glad you are home safe and this blog is fab even if southerners don’t know who you are, who cares to us your a true friend, who offers great advice and inspires us that we can do anything, (if you can with 7 children then so can we) We love you!

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