Tuesday 1st November

wow what a weird day yesterday ……..


Mummy and Daddy had been working in London with the zombies again, and when they came home on sunday… Mummy started decorating the house with all sorts of weird stuff, and baking.

Apparently….it was Halloween, something that people celebrate once a year. Basically everyone dresses up in ridiculous costumes and eats loads and loads of sweets.

Mummy made me wear a silly bright orange baby grow with ‘i love my mummy’ on it and a picture of a bandaged creature. I looked stupid! But as I cant yet undress myself I was powerless to do anything :(

Harriet, Amelia, Eleanor and Mollie were dressed as witches, Toby as a vampire and Tom as the grim reaper (what an ugly bloke he is).

More interesting news…..I am officially a crawler…….brilliant! I can drag myself along commando style and get into the kitchen, the hallway, daddys office and everything :lol:

I also have teeth 3,4 and 5 on their way through……..teething is horrid :( it disturbs my sleep and makes me feel all hurty :cry: