Sunday March 11th 2012

Wow! Today I am one year old! Hasn’t that gone quickly? before you know it I will be leaving home and looking for a job/going to university.

I have come a long way since this time last year. We babies really are incredible aren’t we? ;)

So….I was born on this day last year. I weighed 7lbs12oz and was a tiny scrap of loveliness (if I do say so myself ;) ) I didn’t really do anything. I could open my eyes, flail my arms around a little bit and I was just about suckling (although not very effectively). 

This year….Wow! Its quite a different story :D

I am crawling, pulling myself up to standing, cruising round the furniture, climbing onto the sofa, Talking (not much but talking none the less). I have mastered climbing the stairs (particularly funny when I can get to the top without mummy even noticing :lol: ). I can wave, blow kisses, clap, dance (well jig around a bit when music comes on), play peekaboo, copy the actions for ‘Twinkle twinkle’ etc etc. I have come a looooooonnng way!

So I woke up today to be greeted by Nanna, Mummy and Daddy were working till 4am this morning so we left them sleeping whilst I had my breakfast.

When Mummy and Daddy got up I had some presents to open. I got lots of lovely things. There were some new clothes, lots of toys with balls and music, a birthday cake with light up candles, some cars, including some clever ones that you bang on the top and they whizz across the room (such fun) some books and a lovely rag doll dressed as a sailor.

We went for a really long walk in the sunshine, well technically, I was pushed, Daddy and the other children were on their bicycles and Nanna and Harriet walked. Mummy stayed at home to decorate my birthday cake. 

Clare came to see me in the afternoon with John and Kyle, and so did Nicki :D they brought presents too…..I could get used to this :lol:

After dinner, we had birthday cake which was yummy, and also involved everyone singing to me so I could dance around like a loon in my highchair and applaud myself :D

I stayed awake till about 8.30pm (wayyyyyyyyy past my bedtime :D ) when Mummy tucked me in, and got all soppy telling me how much she loved me, and kissing me lots.

Its a shame that birthdays only come round once a year, I have had a lovely day and been thoroughly spoiled.


**many thanks to ditzy doll for Leons beautiful boy ragdoll.