Wednesday 28th March 2012

The weather has been glorious this week, and Harriet and I have been spending lots of time out in the garden.

Harriet, as you will know, is almost 3 years old and can run around to her hearts content, she has been playing with buckets of water and helping mummy and daddy to clean up all the outdoor toys ready for summer, where as I, have been safely ‘imprisoned’ in my pushchair/highchair/travel cot :( . Its not that mummy doesn’t want me to have fun, its just that when she puts me down on the ground I have a tendency to head straight for the playhouse, and to be honest, (although we have a south facing garden, it is a bit of a quagmire down there, as the playhouse sits predominantly in the shade, and the ground gets a little ‘boggy’.

Its okay, but really….its a little dull watching Harriet race round like a looney while I play ‘throw another toy on the floor and shout at Mummy to pick it up’ :roll:

A few days ago, Mummy’s friend Nicki brought up a v tech baby walker…..now we already have one of these which was Harriet’s…..but it is pink, and Nicki thought we might like the primary coloured one for the garden.  Harriet was cleaning the frame part of it yesterday, she was having loads of fun…scrubbing it with a brush and soapy water, then hosing it off and soaking Mummy in the process. :lol: well I decided that I woukld quite like a piece of the action ;)

I waited until the other children came in from school, Mummy went inside to do the washing up and Eleanor was left ‘watching me’ and picking up my toys. The thing with Eleanor is….I have her wrapped around my little finger, and because Daddy was keeping an eye on us, I cried until she lifted me out of my prison/travel cot.

She put me down and I made a beeline for the frame of the baby walker….pulled myself up and set off in spectacular style towards the back door, grinning like an idiot and making all sorts of shouty noises to get everyone’s attention.

Daddy was the first to see me, and quickly positioned himself behind me, maybe he thought I was going to fall or something, and it wasn’t long before the children were all shouting at Mummy to come outside. By the time Mummy reached the door, so had I and I was stood in front of her with a face like a cheshire cat (that’s a very smiley cat, for those of you who don’t know). To say Mummy was a bit shocked was an understatement…….She just said “oh wow….my baby is growing up!” …well derrrrrrr…thats what tends to happen Mummy :roll:

I also discovered that if I ram the walker into a step/wall/fence/whatever seems to be preventing me from continuing in a straight line, then I can make a little reverse step and turn myself around. :D Much fun was had for the next 40 minutes or so whilst I walked the length of the garden path, bumping and reversing at each end to get myself going back the other way.

Mummy was amazed, and was just staring in wonderment at me, giving me little smiles and shouts of “well done” and “clever boy” etc.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, I might even be brave enough to tackle the steep path (as long as I can get to it without Mummy noticing ;) )