Devastating news.

This is Leon’s mummy.


It has been quite some time since we updated this blog, and you are probably wondering why now? After all this time?

Well, it isn’t often that I hear of something that really moves me to tears. In fact I have been randomly bursting into tears for the past few days.

In September 2011 Leon and I were nominated for a MADS blog award in the baby category.

One of the bloggers I was up against was Edspire.

I wanted to despise her, I wanted her to be awful, and for it to be okay to not want her to win.

Then I met her at the awards ceremony.

She was one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Warm, friendly and welcoming.

I thought she would win, She thought I would win, and in the end neither of us did.

But do you know, I was a winner that night, as I met Jennie and lots of other lovely bloggers who have become very much a part of my life as I read about them and ‘catch up’ with them through their blogs.

Jennie told me that she was expecting a baby that night, she was happy and excited about introducing another little bundle to her adorable twins.

That much wanted baby was Matilda-Mae.

Matilda-Mae was tragically taken from her mummy exactly 9 months after she entered this world.

Such devastation is not something any parent should have to go through, but because Jennie ‘touched’ my heart so when I met her, it seems all the more tragic.

Jennie has written some heart wrenching (but beautiful) words on her blog, which you can find here

I had to share and at the same time offer my love and support to Jennie and her family during this terribly difficult and confusing time.

Rest in peace little one.