Monday 6th January 2014

Happy New Year!

That’s what we say isn’t it? I have heard Mummy and Daddy saying it to people anyway.

I hope you have all had a happy start to 2014 anyway :D

Mine has been a little bit confusing.

On Sunday, Daddy went to work as normal, Mummy got all the uniforms ready and polished shoes etc, Nanna arrived for a visit and we had a huge roast chicken dinner. Sounds like a normal (last day of the holidays’ day doesn’t it? Except that after dinner I was bundled into the car with two suitcases and Mummy and Daddy and off we went.

It was a long drive, and seemed a little bit familiar. I pointed out of the window and hummed a lot (thats what I do….Hum….I don’t speak you see) whenever I saw something I thought I recognised.

At just before midnight, and I was very sleepy by this point, we arrived in Oxford. We were going to the John Radcliffe hospital to have more tests done, and I have to be honest, I kicked up a bit of a stink when I realised where we were.

Mummy went off to get the keys for our room in the Ronald Macdonald House. (We would all sleep there that night, then daddy would stay there while Mummy and I were on the ward). When we got into the room, Mummy gave me some milk, got me into my Pjs and tried to settle me down! 1555417_10151928807163121_1408016078_n

NO! I was having none of it! For two hours I cried, created and generally caused a nuisance of myself before eventually having to give in and go to sleep.

On Monday morning Mummy woke me very early by waving a juice cup under my nose. She was actually being very nice, but I was tired, and I didn’t want juice so I knocked it out of her hand, and threw it everywhere. I will give my mummy her dues, she is very calm in these situations! She didn’t shout or tell me off, just lifted up the juice cup and told me to have a drink. I went back to sleep.

When I did rouse myself, I looked for my juice, only to be told I couldn’t have any. I will nil by mouth after 6am apparently. I don’t really know what that means but I was not impressed.

We went down to the ward at 7.30am. We were going to the TDA (theatre direct admissions) so I got to play with some train tracks while Mummy and Daddy talked to lots of doctors.  I was playing nicely when the nurses started rushing around telling Mummy I had been ‘bumped’ to first on the list and needed magic cream on my hands. I remember this from last time, It looks like you have boxing gloves on.

Mummy and I then went for a walk with the nice nurse and Daddy waited for us in the room.

We went into  a room where there were a few people. The nice nurse was blowing bubbles at me and Mummy was cuddling me.  The doctor was holding my hand and looking at my boxing gloves when suddenly “OWWWWWWWW” I let out an awful yell and tried to go rigid in Mummy’s arms. I was trying to sign ‘Hurt’ to Mummy but couldn’t get my hand out to do anything. Then they hurt the other hand and by this point I was beside myself. I heard Mummy say “the magic cream isn’t working, it’s hurting him.” I think she was crying, but I couldn’t really see, all I could see was those poxy bubbles and a big mask thing coming over my face then ……………………………………….nothing.

When I woke up I was in a different room, and my Mummy wasn’t there :(

I screamed and cried and thrashed about, My head hurt and there were lots of people fussing, then I heard her “Its okay sweety, Mummys here” I have never been so pleased to hear that voice. I slowed my crying down till it was little jerky sob and let my Mummy put her arms around me.

We were wheeled back to the ward and daddy (which would have been fun any other day) and I eventually got to sit with Daddy and have proper cuddles while Mummy fussed around me.

I was sick. Lots. then again…….and again……….. It hurt and made me cry. In between being sick I slept. Lots.

When lunch arrived I felt a bit better and tried to eat, then I was sick again :( It was horrid.

My nurse Abbie was lovely, she kept talking to me and trying to be nice but I was just so sleepy. 36584_10151928806763121_1250485273_n

Then I realised!

My head felt funny.

There was a wire.

I tried to pull it out every time Mummy and Daddy looked away but it just hurt, and made my head bleed. :(

I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed, unless I needed a wee. So I quickly learned that as long as I did the teeniest of wees in the toilet, Mummy would keep unplugging me and taking me for a little walk.

I kept this up for the rest of the day and most of the night ;)

I created every time Abbie or one of the other nurses tried to take my temperature/blood pressure/ heart rate etc, and when this happened, the machine I was attached to went completely crazy, showing lots of scribbly lines on the computer.

It was a long day.