Tuesday 7th January 2014

I eventually went to sleep at around 11pm last night, I know it was late because the ward was so dark and everyone else in there was snoring.

When I woke this morning, expecting to see Mummy, I was a little bit surprised to see about 15 people stood around my bed looking at me!

It was the team of doctors who had come to check my pressures.

Mummy was there too and as soon as she saw that I was awake she sat with me and held my hand.

The neurosurgeons (they are the brain doctors) said they weren’t concerned about the pressure in my brain at this time.

My consultant, Mr Wall, who has a funny little beard and strokes it all the time had a feel of my head and then said he wanted my eyes checking again.

Mummy looked a bit petrified to be honest, and I knew from her face that something unpleasant was coming.

The doctors said the wire could come out of my head and all being well, I could go home later on :D :D

When Daddy arrived, ┬áHe, mummy and I went to a little room with Abbie, and she used a sharp thing on my head to cut some stitches, then she gave a quick tug and the wire was in her hand. Although it was a bit strange, and it made me cry, it didn’t really hurt and anyway Nemo was swimming around on the wall and the ceiling so I was busy watching him.

I could finally run around :D

I went on the balcony and rode in a car, I went in the playroom and sploshed some paint around. I wowed the psychologist with my clever ‘putting jigsaws together’ skills ;) I ran up and down the corridor with Abbie and had lots of fun.

I like Abbie. She is FUN!

Mummy went out to ring Nanna and Daddy and I went for a walk to another part of the hospital. We were playing with some toys when my name was called and we went into a little room. “NO” I signed. I don’t like it here. That lady is nasty!

I have been here before, I didn’t like it then and I’m going to make sure that Daddy knows I don’t like it now either! But its too late, Daddy has hold of me and those nasty drops are in my eyes.

Before I know it, everything is fuzzy and blurry, the light is hurting my eyes and we are back in the room with the toys.

Daddy is a bit stressed I think. He doesn’t like it when I have tantrums.

Mummy came back and Daddy went off for a break.

Mummy and I had to go back in the room with the horrid lady and Mummy had to fight with me to let the lady look in my eyes.

I HATE this!

When it was all done Mummy and I rode on the magic stairs……. THREE times :D I LOVE them! Then we went to the shop to get a magazine, before going to find Daddy.

We said goodbye to Abbie. I gave her my fudge! Fudges are my favourite, and this one was all warm and Squishy from my hand :D

Then we headed for the car and home.

When we got home, Nanna was really pleased to see me :D and I had cuddles with some of my brothers and sisters.

At about 10 o clock, Mummy tried to put me in my cot, I don’t think so Mummy ;)

Eventually she laid me in her and Daddys bed and snuggled next to me.