Wednesday 10th February 2016

You know that saying … ‘A mother’s instinct is usally right’ ?

Well I really ought to listen to mine a little more.

On Monday I took Leon into school against my own judgement and cried after I left him as I knew something wasn’t right.

When I collected him at 3.15pm, he seemed okay, he was smiling if a little snotty, but felt warm to the touch and didn’t want to walk. I stripped him out of his uniform when we got home to discover that he was soaking wet, he had wet himself at some point and nobody had noticed, least of all me. :(

He continued to wet himself throughout the evening and at 6pm fell asleep in his dinner, which he hadn’t touched.

at 5am yesterday morning, he stumbled downstairs and looked dreadful. His skin was so pale he looked almost blue in colour and his eyes looked like those of a drunkard. I checked his temperature and felt a bit sick when it was 39.8. Now Leons resting temperature is quite low (36.5) so it was really high and I felt a little panic rising within. I immediately gave him some paracetamol and filled his water bottle before settling him on the sofa and getting on with the morning tasks before the doctors opened at 8am.

I managed to get him an appointment for the morning (they are pretty good at our GP, Leon is always given an appointment if needed.) and off we went at 9.30 to see the Doctor.

Leon was in his fleecy onesie and socks, with his blanket wrapped around him and his water bottle in one hand and a tissue in the other. He had his dummy in (which would not normally happen outside of the house and he snuggled into my chest and didn’t move for the entire 40 minutes we were in the waiting room.

The first thing the doctor said when he saw him was “My, you have got a very poorly boy there.” Which didn’t make me feel any better if I’m honest.

He checked him over and discovered that thankfully his chest was clear and there were so signs of infection in his throat. It was a relief as streptococcus can be really nasty and it had crossed my mind that there may be a throat infection starting. He couldn’t rule out a water infection and didn’t want to waste time doing tests so he started him on some antibiotics straight away. I was told to keep him home, let him rest and make sure he had plenty of fluids, all common sense really. Then he just checked a few other things….

He couldn’t see Leon’s ear drums as his ears were ‘foggy’ he asked if I thought Leon had hearing difficulties (which I do) and made a note on Leons file. Then he checked his heart rate and spent a long time listening/timing it. He told me that Leon had a heart murmur. I didn’t know whether to cry or kiss him…. you see I have known that Leon’s heart is not quite right for some time now, but every time I have mentioned it, it has been dismissed. It took a different GP, a pair of new eyes/ears to spot it.

So…when he is better we have to go back to get get the ball rolling with investigations into his heart murmur. Just one more thing for my brave little boy to deal with.

I am in total awe of him.

ps…its costing me a small fortune in pringles to bribe him to take all his meds just now ;)