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Sunday 25th September

Wow, time is flying by…I just blink and a whole day is gone. I suppose I should fill you all in on what’s been happening here over the last week or so.


Sunday 10th July

For the first time ever, I am writing about the whole weekend in one blog post. We had Claire here babysitting over the weekend and bless her…she doesn’t know how to gain access to my blog.


Sunday 26th June

Today is my Daddy’s birthday….. Mummy was taking the mickey saying he was getting old (37) and Daddy laughed and said “not as old as you” (38) He thinks he is Mummy’s toyboy


Friday 3rd June

Another busy day today….I woke Mummy up at 5am this morning…..which was a bit mean when she didn’t go to bed till after 3am, but I couldn’t help it, I had a tummy ache and I really really needed to burp.


Thursday 2nd June

Everybody is shattered today after yesterday’s birthday festivities… My Nanna had to go home for a rest BUT we may be seeing more of her as she has decided that she lives too far away and misses us all too much so is looking to move further north to be nearer to us