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Tuesday 7th January 2014

I eventually went to sleep at around 11pm last night, I know it was late because the ward was so dark and everyone else in there was snoring. When I woke this morning, expecting to see Mummy, I was a little bit surprised to see about 15 people stood around my bed looking at me! …

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Sunday 25th September

Wow, time is flying by…I just blink and a whole day is gone. I suppose I should fill you all in on what’s been happening here over the last week or so.


Wednesday 10th August

Dear Leon, Its Mummy. Obviously. I don’t know whether Daddy will take you near a pc while you are away, but I just wanted to let you know that I miss you dreadfully. This morning I packed you into the car with Daddy, Amelia and Harriet and kissed you all goodbye, then I went off …

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Thursday 2nd June

Everybody is shattered today after yesterday’s birthday festivities… My Nanna had to go home for a rest BUT we may be seeing more of her as she has decided that she lives too far away and misses us all too much so is looking to move further north to be nearer to us


Monday 30th May

It is Bank Holiday Monday today, and my nanna is coming to visit. Much excitement I miss my Nanna cuddles and she lives far too far away I