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Tuesday 14th June

Today has sort of passed by in a blur …..you see my Mummy is poorly She is rarely poorly so its quite odd that she has taken to the sofa. She hurts everywhere and can hardly lift her head, it is very strange.


Saturday 11th June

I am three months old today……. three whole months…..how on earth did that happen? The last couple of days have been a bit strange in our house………


Sunday 5th June

Dear Leon, Im sorry for gatecrashing your blog like this…….but I wanted to say a few things to you, and if I tell you, then you won’t remember them, but if I gatecrash your blog….at least it will still be here in years to come.


Tuesday 31st May

What a busy day today……..Daddy left the house really early this morning. He had to go and have his blood pressure checked by the nurse. When he came back he said he has to go on Friday to have a full health check done as his blood pressure is very high. Mummy looked a bit …

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